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Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority Act 2011

"An Act to provide for the planning and redevelopment of, and the control of development in certain land in the metropolitan region; and to establish a State agency with planning, development control, land acquisition and disposal and other functions in respect of that land."

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) was established as a result of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority Act 2011 to undertake redevelopment projects in suitable areas within the Perth metropolitan area. It combines the responsibilities and projects formerly undertaken by the East Perth, Subiaco, Midland and Armadale redevelopment authorities and the Elizabeth Quay project.

The MRA's functions are to control these developments and to prepare and keep under review the Redevelopment Schemes for those areas. The relevant schemes are:

Under the Act, the MRA has the power to resume land, undertake environmental rehabilitation and plan, implement, promote and coordinate urban regeneration projects.

Each redevelopment area has a Land Redevelopment Committee enabling community and local government involvement in the development and delivery of redevelopment projects.

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