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About Perth City Link

Perth City Link will be a dynamic new destination that embraces the city’s lifestyle and character and is an important part in the overall program to revitalise our city. Running east-west across the heart of Perth's city centre, it will reconnect the CBD with Northbridge for the first time in 100 years, delivering improved access and connectivity and forming strong linkages to the foreshore.

The regeneration project is a collaboration between three tiers of government, led by State Government authorities the MRA and the Public Transport Authority, with the City of Perth and the Federal Government. 

The 13.5 hectare project is bounded by the Mitchell Freeway, Roe Street, Wellington Street and the Horseshoe Bridge. Framed also by busy roads, this area has become a physical barrier in the centre of the city. This area will draw billions of investment dollars into Perth through a vibrant mix of new transit, commercial and retail zones, public spaces and living opportunities – and will impact everyone who visits the city - locals and tourists alike.

Perth City Link will play a key role in addressing transport and infrastructure issues while meeting the changing needs of an evolving city. Sinking the Wellington Street Bus Station and the Fremantle rail line from the Horseshoe Bridge to King/Lake Streets, will prepare the site for redevelopment. 

The project’s objectives are to:

  • Provide a focus for public life, with the creation of an improved and new public realm.
  • Optimise the appeal of the city centre and Northbridge and forge a connection of the two areas.
  • Create better connectivity and access to public transport.
  • Assist in supporting the revitalisation of the Perth Cultural Centre.
  • Capitalise on the potential transit-oriented development benefits by its direct relationship with major transit systems.
  • Provide opportunity and support for private investment, to create wider-spread economic benefits and drive the continued revitalisation of the city centre.
  • Ensure that public investment is designed and implemented holistically to generate the improvement of social, economic, environmental and cultural conditions in the city centre.
  • Provide housing with a diversity of dwelling types and sizes, and 10 to 15% affordable dwellings, to increase the opportunity for a variety of family types to live in the city centre.

Yagan Square View From Roe Street

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Master Plan

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