We invite comment on the following draft Development Policies for the Armadale Redevelopment Area:

  • Development Policy 1 – Green Building
  • Development Policy 2 – Heritage
  • Development Policy 3 – Sound and Vibration Attenuation
  • Development Policy 4 – Public Art
  • Development Policy 5 – Additional Structures
  • Development Policy 6 – Signage
  • Development Policy 7 – Home Based Business
  • Development Policy 8 – Hosting Public Events
  • Development Policy 9 – Affordable and Diverse Housing
  • Development Policy 10 – Adaptable Housing

The current Armadale Redevelopment Area and Wungong Urban Water Scheme Planning Policies will be rescinded, with the exception of the Wungong Urban Water Project Movement Network Policy and the Wungong Urban Water Project Public Open Space Policy.

For further information please contact Ikmal Ahmad, MRA Senior Planner, on 6557 0700.

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Closing date

Public comments for Development Policies - Armadale Redevelopment Area close on 17 April 2017.

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