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Mural artwork on the Elizabeth Quay island playground wall.

The Black Swan

  • Elizabeth Quay

This mural tells the Noongar creation story of Western Australia's iconic Black Swans.

One day two white swans were sitting in a lagoon owned by the eagles who, annoyed at seeing them, attacked, tearing out their feathers before carrying them bleeding to die in the desert. 

The eagle’s enemy, the crows, heard the swans cry and flew to their rescue. By covering the swans with their own black feathers, they managed to save them, but the black coat and the red colour of bloodstain on their bill are permanent reminders of their ordeal.

The swans’ white feathers were scattered everywhere and grew into the white-flowered Christmas Bush, and their drops of blood became the Scarlet Heath.

The mural, located on the island playground wall, is a collaboration between artisits Anne Neil, Richard Walley and John Walley

Location information

  • The Island

    Elizabeth Quay, The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000