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10 - 28 May 2016


  • Perth Cultural Centre

The debut production from Maiden Voyage Theatre Company, Belated is a gritty tale of friendship and forgiveness, and the lengths we'll go to for the people we love. 

Everybody has friends. The ones we share a meal with, or a drink on a Friday night. The ones we tell our secrets to. And the ones we turn to when we party hard with a stranger and that stranger ends up dead.

Blythe and Max have been friends since they were kids, and to this day they’re not sure how that happened. Uninterested in keeping her shit together, Blythe only says “sorry” when she doesn’t mean it; Max has just quit smoking and lives with his girlfriend Norah, who stockpiles coconut water and goes to IKEA for fun.

When Blythe’s relationship disintegrates, the trio become uneasy housemates. What starts off as mild inconvenience turns into a living nightmare. Because lately, Norah can’t sleep. And neither can Blythe.

Written and produced by Liz Newell, directed by Emily McLean. 

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  • 10 - 28 May 2016 7:00pm

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