• Music & Performance
Two men who look like they are in a heated exchange with each other.
5 - 16 July 2016


  • Perth Cultural Centre

Hobo is raw, crude and packed with humour, and takes a good look at what it means to be a man in an age of identity crisis. 

Fred’s lost everything – his wife, his job, his money, and to top it off, he now lives in an alleyway with a homeless blackfella named Tank. With nothing much to do and plenty more to say, both Fred and Tank share a camaraderie that is strengthened by a mutual love of music and witty banter.

Fred thinks the world’s gone mad and seems content in his self-imposed exile until an unexpected visit from his estranged son Terry shakes the foundations of his new reality.

Recommended for ages 16+

WARNING: This production contains coarse language

Hobo is proudly supported by Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company through their Next Step program.

This is a Blue Room Theatre event. Visit website

Dates and times

  • 5 - 16 July 2016 7:00pm


  • $18-$28, Groups 6+: $23 each.

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