Brianna is a stand-up comedian careening along the fine line between triumph and disaster.

Struggling with life, herself and pretty much everything in between, her story is one of bad puns, beer nuts and breakdowns.

Is This Thing On? is the portrait of a life told through a comedy routine – make that five comedy routines.

One life. Five great actresses. We meet Brianna as an awkward teen and watch her figure sh*t out for forty years on her way to becoming an unapologetic 60-year-old.

Written by Zoe Coombs Marr (the mastermind behind Fringe hits Dave and Dave 2: Trigger Warning) and directed by Zoe Pepper (The Wives of Hemingway, The Pride), Is This Thing On? is making its West Australian debut for your pleasure.

It is funny. And a bit intense. It’s about being funny when that’s all you’ve got.

Writer: Zoe Coombs Marr // Director: Zoe Pepper // Producer & Stage Manager: Liz Newell // Featuring: Nicola Bartlett, Daisy Coyle, Andrea Gibbs, Samantha Maclean, Giulia Petrocchi // Lighting Designer: Joe Lui // Sound Designer: Rachael Dease // Set & Costume Designer: Tessa Darcey // Publicity: Little Shout

Recommended for ages 15+

Image: Daniel James Grant

Image: Daniel James Grant

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  • $18-$28


The Blue Room Theatre

Perth Cultural Centre, 53 James Street, Perth WA 6000

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