• Screening
Pascal Dombis artist screening 1200 x 700.jpg
16 - 31 August 2015

Pascal Dombis

  • Perth Cultural Centre

French artist, Pascal Dombis, has been using computers and algorithms for the past twenty years to produce excessive repetition of simple processes.

Unpredictable and dynamic visual forms are synthesised into digital wall drawings, lenticular pieces or video installations. These de-structuring structures and irrational environments disturb, engage and inspire the viewer, posing fascinating paradoxes between the mechanical control and chaotic randomness that produce them.

Pascal Dombis has also collaborated with architect Gil Percal to design a series of five glass panels fabricated by local firm Cooling Brothers Glass Company for the new King’s Square development at Perth City Link. In combination with its debut, a cine retrospective of Dombis’ work will be exhibiting on the Perth Cultural Centre Screen through the month of June.

(Image credit: Mixed_Grill(e), 2014 / Raygun, Toowoomba - AUS. Site specific print installation with lenticular sheets, 5.60 x 2.30 m )

Dates and times

  • 16 - 22 August 2015 2:00pm
  • 23 - 31 August 2015 10:00am

Location information

  • Perth Cultural Centre Screen

    Perth Cultural Centre, James Street Amphitheatre, (Bordered by Roe Street, Beaufort Street, Francis Street and William Street)