Invitation to Register Interest

As part of the organisation’s cultural compact with the Whadjuk Working Party, the Kaart Koort Waarnginy delivery framework, and the State’s Aboriginal Procurement Policy, we invite Indigenous Australian businesses to apply to provide goods and services directly or indirectly to Yagan Square.

Unless already registered, indigenous subcontractors and suppliers are encouraged to register on the Aboriginal Business Directory WA. The Directory also provides Aboriginal businesses in WA with the opportunity to promote their products and services to potential buyers from government and private organisations.

Employers of significant numbers of Aboriginal people, as well as not for profit organisations and agencies that provide Aboriginal employment services and support, are also encouraged to respond to the Invitation to Register Interest (ITRI) form below. 

How to Register

Complete the online form below.
Should you wish to update your information please select 'Updating previous details' below and complete the form again so we know to update the previous details supplied.

Authorized representative details

You represent and warrant that you are duly authorised by your business (detailed above) to complete this form and to provide the information submitted with this form

For the purpose of this ITRI the following general definitions apply:

The term Aboriginal Enterprise refers to registered Aboriginal businesses listed at and may be:

  1. A sole trader, where the person is Aboriginal; or
  2. A partnership or firm, where at least 50% of the partners are Aboriginal; or
  3. A corporation, where Aboriginal persons own at least 50% of the legal entity submitting the tender.
The term Aboriginal Employer is any legal entity that employs any Aboriginal person, including an apprentice or trainee.

The term Joint Venture with Aboriginal Participation means a joint venture between any registered Aboriginal enterprise and a non-Aboriginal enterprise if at least 50% of equity in the joint venture is owned by the registered Aboriginal enterprise.

Submission of form

By submitting the form you confirm that you have authority to submit the form; you have read, understood and agree to the Conditions of Registration; the details in the form are to the best of your knowledge true and correct; and the details in the form do not contain any confidential or commercially sensitive information.