Our vision for Perth

We are transforming Perth into a vibrant, connected city that can meet the needs of its growing population.

With a unique combination of powers, a thoughtful place making model and a passionate team, we are able to deliver complex and strategically significant projects where other approaches have been unsuccessful. Our approach to delivering these challenging projects is centred on our vision to create dynamic, authentic and sustainable places with communities where people want to live, work and visit. 

We've underpinned our vision for Perth with six key objectives: 

1. Enhance environmental integrity

Maintaining environmental integrity within our project areas is a key area of focus. We protect the local ecology by supporting sustainable design, renewable energy, recycling and other environmental best practices.

Protecting the natural environment is our top priority in the Wungong Urban redevelopment. - Craig Sanford, Project Manager, Armadale

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Wungong is set to become one of Australia's most sustainable urban developments. Our redevelopment will protect the natural landscapes and waterways while bringing a vibrant new community to Armadale.

2. Build a sense of place

We are focused on creating a distinct ‘sense of place’ within our project areas. Through integrating unique and high quality urban design, heritage protection, public art and relevant cultural activities, we build places with unique characteristics that have a connection to their surrounding communities.

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    The Perth Cultural Centre has become the cultural heart of the city with a vibrant mix of arts, music, food, entertainment and festivals.

  • 'Trickle, Flow and Fall' public artwork by Steve Tepper, Juniper Gardens
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    Stylish public art define the area with distinctive and unique artworks reflecting Midland’s past and future.

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    The vision for the New Northbridge development was to create an innovative mixed-use development that enhanced the area’s rich history through adaptive reuse of heritage buildings.

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    Once a deserted block, William Street is now a buzzing place to shop and eat.

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    Elizabeth Quay will be an exciting destination that offers a range of activities to attract people of all ages, at all times of the year.


By analysing and interpreting the area's heritage values and creatively balancing conservation and investment opportunities, the project serves as a noteworthy model for other urban heritage districts.

Extract from UNESCO Award of Honourable Mention, 2012 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation – Perth Cultural Centre

3. Promote economic wellbeing

We’re building a city that creates business opportunities and jobs for the surrounding community. By attracting private investors and promoting business development tied to market demand – particularly in emerging and niche industries – we are crafting local economies that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

The hotel would attract wealthy visitors and corporate clients to Perth, providing spin-off benefits to other shops and restaurants as well as more jobs for locals. - Herve Humler, President and COO of the Ritz-Carlton, quoted in The West Australian 29 September 2014

4. Promote urban efficiency

Perth’s population continues to grow quickly. We’ve responded by transforming areas that provide opportunities for development of buildings and infrastructure, particularly on underutilised land in key areas close to the city, transport hubs and regional centres. Maximising opportunities for transit oriented, mixed use, medium and high density developments has introduced a new way of living for Perth residents.

The concept of a village around a railway station, whilst in Europe it is quite common, in Australia it’s still quite rare. So it was a really interesting challenge. - Paul Jones, Director JCY Architects and Urban Designers

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Subi Centro was the first redevelopment project of its kind in WA. New homes, a shopping precinct, cafes and restaurants have created a new community hub right above the underground station.

5. Enhance connectivity

Connectivity is a major factor in delivering dynamic and sustainable places in and around Perth. We support development of well-designed places that maximise access through public transport, cycling and walking above driving.

6. Promote social inclusion

Social connection is a key factor in delivering places where people want to live. We encourage development that provides housing for a diverse range of people and places that foster opportunities for residents and visitors to socialise.

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for all ages

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We are committed to increase affordable housing supply.

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free events and activities

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