How are DCP contributions calculated?

The amount you pay will depend on the height of your development. Scarborough Development Contribution Plan development costs are:

  • Shared across the total area of the site that can be developed
  • Based on the maximum 'base height' permitted under the Design Guidelines

This means that if you own land which could be developed up to 12 storeys, you would pay a higher contribution towards the development costs than someone permitted to construct a two or three storey development on their site.

The proposed contributions rates, for maximum building heights as set out by the Scarborough Design Guidelines are:

  • 2 storeys/8 metres: $16.82/sqm
  • 3 storeys/11.5 metres: $25.23/sqm
  • 4 storeys/15 metres: $33.64/sqm
  • 8 storeys/29 metres: $67.29/sqm
  • 12 storeys/43 metres: $100.93/sqm

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