How was the bridge constructed?

The bridge at Elizabeth Quay is a popular talking point. It’s an iconic double arch, single cable suspension bridge.

It was designed by ARUP engineering and built through a joint venture between Structural Systems, Decmil and Hawkins Civil.

Each of the bridge arches was built in three separate pieces before being welded and painted onsite. The pieces were lifted into place in 2015.

Watch our bridge raising videos if you’d like to learn more.  

The iconic suspension bridge is massive in size and scale:

  • 480 tonnes in weight
  • 110 metres long
  • 20 metres high
  • 5 metres wide
  • 4.5m clearance above water

This clearance height above the water will allow most 12m and 10m boats with a flybridge into the inlet at both low and high tides.


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