What is happening with the vacant land?

Land around the inlet has been, or is being, purchased by private developers. These include:

  • Lots 9 and 10 for The Ritz-Carlton hotel and The Towers apartments. These are under construction and estimated to be complete in 2019.
  • Lots 7 and 8 for Chevron Australia’s new Asia Pacific headquarters which is due to start construction in 2018.
  • Lots 5 and 6 are under sales negotiation with Brookfield Properties Pty Ltd for a two-tower development.
  • Lots 2 and 3 sold to CA & Associates for a mixed-used development across two towers.
  • Lot 4 is currently for sale.

See our Elizabeth Quay lot plan for more details.

We’ll continue to work with the developers to keep the impact of construction to a minimum in public areas with all construction due to be complete over the next decade.


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