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15 October 2015

Ahoy to Elizabeth Quay street names

  • Elizabeth Quay

Five small streets at Elizabeth Quay have been named after boats that operated on the Swan River in the late 1800s and 1900s.

They are Enchantress and Duchess Way, Zephyr and Valdura Place, and Ophir Walk.

Planning Minister John Day said a nautical theme was chosen to acknowledge the history of the area.

“The streets have been named after popular ferries, paddle steam boats and leisure boats that operated on the Swan River in the late 1800s and early 1900s,” 

“The river has a strong history of trade, transport and recreation and these boats all played an important role.”

The Duchess was the most famous ferry to cross the Swan River transporting passengers from Barrack Street Jetty to South Perth from 1898 to 1927. It made its inaugural run to Mends Street Jetty on December 11, 1898, two months after the Perth Zoo was opened.

"The street names are a way to recognise and acknowledge WA’s history"

The paddle steam boat, Enchantress, was built in Perth in 1875 and was a popular passenger ferry. Likewise, the Zephyr ferried people on the Swan River in the mid-1900s and was berthed at Barrack St Jetty for many years. In 1913 the Valdura started its Coode Street service and the Royal Ophir Pleasure Boat Company operated the Ophir, a charter boat.

The streets join Geoffrey Bolton Avenue, the central street across the top of the inlet that is bordered by the train station and the Supreme Court Gardens. It was named to acknowledge the contribution made by Emeritus Professor Bolton AO in conserving, recording and teaching the history of Western Australia.

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Image courtesy: State Library of Western Australia

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