Shopfronts on Beaufort Street art installation entitled'Tessellations' by Trevor Richards
14 July 2014

Art installation brightens Beaufort Street shopfronts

  • New Northbridge

Perth artist Trevor Richards has applied his striking designs to the windows of five old shopfronts on Beaufort Street between Aberdeen and Newcastle Streets, adjacent to Central Institute of Technology in Northbridge.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority and Central Institute of Technology have commissioned Richards to create a strip of geometric designs linking the spaces and enlivening the disused shops. Richards utilises adhesive vinyl shapes in blue, green, orange and yellow with black to maximise the effect. 

Richards completed the first shop window in early 2013 with a design derived from a floor tile pattern discovered at the New Norcia Hotel, formerly a Benedictine Hostel. It has endured so well that a decision was made to extend the idea down the strip.

All the designs are inspired by mosaic tile patterns from churches and other buildings around the world. 

The purpose of the project is to create a sense of wonder, to animate a vacant space, drawing positive energy to the block, leading to a safer and more vibrant streetscape. Thousands of pedestrians, drivers and passengers will be able to glimpse these vibrant patterns daily while passing.

Richards lives and works in Fremantle. His practice over the past thirty years has encompassed painting, sculpture, video, photography and installation. In the past decade he has shown work extensively in Europe.

He draws on a wide range of influences, including Islamic patterning, architectural modelling, tessellations and an interest in the play of structures in everyday life. 

In 2013, Richards was commissioned to program the LED lighting display at Council House, again incorporating his geometric designs. He recently painted the facade of Turner Galleries on William Street as part of the Public program organised by FORM earlier this year.

For more information visit the Central Institute of Technology's Gallery Central website.

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