Artist impression of Curtin Medical School, Midland
17 May 2015

Uni offers new opportunities to eastern suburbs

  • Midland

Premier Colin Barnett has today announced the establishment of a new university campus in Midland.

The Premier, along with Prime Minister Tony Abbott, was in Midland today to confirm the Australian Government’s support for the Curtin University medical school, which will lead to the establishment of a Curtin University satellite campus in Midland.

“A university presence in Midland will provide tertiary education opportunities to Perth’s eastern suburbs, hills and regional areas and promote opportunities for people who live there,” he said.

“I expect this new campus will offer a broad range of courses, some of which will be in allied health - such as nursing.

“This will also offer better access to higher education through the delivery of pathway programs and other degree courses, enhanced through the use of high-quality interactive and innovative technology.

“People from Perth’s eastern suburbs are under-represented in tertiary education and this is due, in part, to not having easy access to a university campus.”

The Australian Government has announced it will fund medical Commonwealth Supported Places for the Curtin University medical school from 2019-20, which will see 110 new doctors trained in Western Australia when the school reaches full capacity in 2022.

Mr Barnett said the State Government had committed to making $22 million available to support the establishment of the new campus and make land in the Midland Railway Workshops Precinct, near the new Midland Public Hospital, available for lease at a peppercorn rent.

“This announcement, while about a medical school, will have a much broader impact on the whole area, because this campus will also be a centre for the delivery of education and clinical placements for nursing and allied health students,” he said.

“WA has a well-acknowledged shortage of doctors and this new medical school will support the health needs of the community. In particular, we expect that rural and remote locations will be serviced by these well-qualified and highly trained health professionals.”

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