Chinese garden with Chinese Tallows, Manchurian Pear trees and Bamboo, with lanterns
29 January 2014

Chinatown revamp underway

  • Chinatown

The State Government’s $2m investment in Chinatown will help transform this historic precinct into an exciting destination for families, locals and tourists.

The first stage of works - which were completed in time for Chinese New Year celebrations on 9 February 2014 - focused on improving the Roe Street gateway to Chinatown and included:

  • Painting of the road outside the front entrance of Chinatown (on a section of Roe Street) 
  • Five multi-poles on the north and south sides of Roe Street with Chinatown banners and lanterns 
  • The creation of a new space within the Roe Street temporary bus station, which provides a new open area for activation and includes:
    • A red timber decked structure and screen fence featuring the ‘lucky cloud’, a traditional Chinese motif that is associated with good luck
    • Landscaping including an elevated Chinese garden with Chinese Tallows, Manchurian Pear trees and Bamboo 
    • Local street art panels 
  • The realignment of the Principal Shared Path (PSP) on the southern side of Roe Street to maximise the size of the new space created in the temporary bus station and enhance cyclist and pedestrian safety
  • A new median island, creating a pedestrian friendly crossing from the temporary bus station to Chinatown 

The Chung Wah Association’s 2014 Chinese New Year celebrations received a $50,000 boost, helping expand the festivities into Chinatown’s laneways.

Chinatown’s location right on the doorstep of the Perth City Link project will see thousands of workers, visitors and tourists pass through the Roe Street precinct every day, presenting an opportunity for businesses in and around the area to reap the benefits from the significant increase in foot traffic.

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