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23 August 2016

Community group chosen for Scarborough plan

  • Scarborough

Planning Minister Donna Faragher has appointed six community members to a new advisory group to provide local input into road extensions proposed in the Scarborough Master Plan.

Mrs Faragher said major redevelopment projects often involved challenging planning and development, and community consultation was a key step in achieving the right solutions.

“I am pleased to invite these six residents, business owners and environmental representatives to work alongside the Liberal National Government and the City of Stirling to help plan and design the north and south extensions of The Esplanade,” she said.

Construction of the $75.4 million Scarborough foreshore redevelopment is underway, with demolition of the former surf club and community centre complete and the appointment of a lead contractor expected in the coming weeks.

The Minister said major foreshore works would start in September, with the first new beachfront destination - Sunset Hill - expected to open this summer.

“Scarborough will become one of Australia’s best beachfront precincts while also offering improved amenity and more choices for the local community,” she said.

“The road extensions will help improve traffic flow and accessibility in and around the Scarborough foreshore. They are not part of the current works scope and require a further 18 months to two years of planning and approvals, starting with a detailed design process which the community advisory group will provide feedback on.

“There was a strong response to the call for nominations and I am confident the input from the community advisory group will help deliver the best outcomes for the redevelopment of Scarborough.”

Scarborough Redevelopment Community Advisory Group:

  • Liz Behjat , North Metropolitan Region MLC (Chairwoman)
  • James Hewitt, Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority representative 
  • Mark Irwin, Councillor, City of Stirling
  • Wayne Bowen, Chairman, Scarborough Beach Association
  • Rae Kolb, Convenor, Stirling Natural Environment Coastcare Group
  • Mike Banning, Scarborough resident
  • Trisha Lee, Chairwoman, Scarborough Primary School Board
  • Greg Tate, Scarborough resident
  • David Bryant, retired Principal and surf club member

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