Giant 50 tonne fire breathing spider with lazers
1 July 2016

Quay lands Australia’s debut Arcadia performance

  • Elizabeth Quay

Arcadia Spectacular, creative pioneers from Glastonbury will bring three ticketed exclusive performances of a 50-tonne fire breathing spider to Elizabeth Quay in November.

Performances will combine theatre, circus, music, aerial performance, robotics and pyrotechnics to enthral audiences from all angles. Known as ‘The Landing Show’, Arcadia’s Australian debut will be accompanied by unique local, national and international artists that will soon be announced on Wednesday 6 July.

Premier and Tourism Minister Colin Barnett said the exclusive performances would help put Perth in the global spotlight.

Nothing like this has been seen in Australia before and it is a great coup for Western Australia to host this breathtaking cultural spectacle. 

The Arcadia Spider is at the heart of Perth’s performance and is built from repurposed military and industrial hardware. Weighing in at 50 tonnes and firing 20 metre fireballs, the Spider is animated by state of the art lighting, hydraulics, pyrotechnics and lasers. Artists perform in the spider’s “stomach” allowing the audience to view the performance under and around the structure.

The Perth performance will tell the story of the union between the Arcadia spider and the sacred Whadjuk spider of Garrgatup [Kings Park]. Traditional dance known as the Yallor Keeninyarra will ask the Spider Spirit of Garrgatup to weave a web that creates strength and togetherness throughout the Nations.

The Yallorr Keeninyarra or the Dance of the Whadjuk Noongar People hasn’t been performed in its traditional form to the public of Western Australia since 1901.

Keep up to date with artist announcements and exclusive presale details at Arcadia Australia.

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