Photo of Lloyd Street underpass road and bridge
24 November 2015

Lloyd Street underpass complete

  • Midland

Construction of the Lloyd Street rail line underpass is complete, replacing the old level crossing and improving vehicle access in Midland.

Two new bridges have also been built to accommodate the Public Transport Authority's freight rail line and any potential future extension to the passenger rail line. 

The works were completed ahead of the new Midland Public Hospital opening and ensure emergency service vehicles are not delayed by a train when transporting patients in potentially life-threatening situations.

The underpass will relieve traffic congestion and provide vehicles with unimpeded access to Western Australia's newest public hospital.

A road bridge has also been built to provide secondary vehicle access to the hospital via Cowie Close. In addition, the Lloyd and Clayton streets intersection has been upgraded to improve capacity and a new alignment of Lloyd Street will provide east and west service roads. 

This project will enhance connectivity, delivering people to services and activities in and around Midland.

The project highlights strong collaboration in place to revitalise Midland with contributions from the Australian Government, the Western Australian Government, the City of Swan and the WA Planning Commission.

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