Yagan Square building at dusk
2 November 2018

More industry awards for our newest places

  • Scarborough
  • Yagan Square

Yagan Square and Scarborough Foreshore have both won coveted industry recognition at the Planning Institute of Australia (WA) Awards for Planning Excellence.

Yagan Square was awarded the Great Place award and Scarborough Foreshore won Best Planning Ideas – Large Project.

At a Planning Institute of Australia event today, Yagan Square was recognised for exemplifying how visionary planning can reconnect an entire city – both geographically and culturally – by breaking down a 100 year-old physical divide and seeking to bridge a two century cultural divide.

The judges honoured the project as a destination between the city’s transit hubs that brings places, people and ideas together to deliver an exceptional experience.

“Yagan Square [is] a place like no other, which can exist nowhere else. Infused with rich Aboriginal narrative, it promotes connection and reconciliation in a form, and at a scale, never seen before in Australia.”

Scarborough Foreshore – delivered in partnership with City of Stirling – was recognised for being a leading project that advances current planning practice and delivers large-scale benefit to the community. 

The redevelopment was recognised for transforming an iconic but rundown destination into a vibrant, cohesive urban space, accessible to people of all ages during the day and night.

“The project has reinvigorated an area that was in decline for many years… The precinct has large amounts of both passive and active areas, which engages and allows people of all ages to interact with one another, whilst enjoying the great location, being our wonderful coast line.”

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