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9 February 2013

New life for Chinatown and laneways

  • Chinatown

On the eve of Chinese New Year, Premier Colin Barnett has announced a Liberal Government will transform and revitalise Northbridge’s Chinatown and create a more vibrant laneway precinct for businesses, families, and visitors.

The Premier said $2million would be provided to transform Chinatown and build on its rich history.

“For more than a century, Chinatown and its laneways have been an important business and recreation area and, with the continuing transformation of Northbridge and the progress of the Perth City Link project, an opportunity has arisen for a significant investment in its future,” he said.

“A Liberal Government will undertake improvements to the public areas and laneways which will act as a stimulus for the revitalisation of the area which has become one of Perth’s most important multicultural centres.

“Chinatown and its laneways will become far more than just a thoroughfare, they will be an important entry statement to a maturing and evolving Northbridge which will encourage more shops, cafes and restaurants and ensure a safer, more vibrant and diverse community.

“Chinatown is in a great position to benefit from the Perth City Link project. Two new street connections will be created - King Street will be extended though to connect to Lake Street, and Queen Street will extend through the Link project and come out right opposite Chinatown.

“This will bring many pedestrians to the area and it will become an important entry point for a transforming and maturing Northbridge encouraging more families, visitors, and tourists to visit and celebrate what Chinatown has to offer.”

  • The $2million will go towards improvements which will celebrate and enhance the unique character of Chinatown including:
  • Improving the entry statement at Roe Street
  • An entry statement to highlight the James Street entry to the precinct
  • Improvements to the Roe Street forecourt area – such as landscaping, seating, shade, and some greater colour and vibrancy
  • A tidy up of service and car parking areas and possibly new paving and lighting on the pedestrian walkways
  • Public art, contemporary Chinese art, or wall murals

Planning Minister John Day said successful city laneway upgrades by the City of Perth had beautified previously dark and under-used spaces in the CBD and a similar approach will have a dramatic impact in Northbridge.

“The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) will be tasked with working with the City of Perth on the project and work closely with land and business owners in the area,” he said.

“The MRA will bring to bear its experience in successfully regenerating the Perth Cultural Centre and the internationally-acclaimed transformation of William Street to encourage the wider rejuvenation of the wider Chinatown area.”

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