25 January 2013

Partnership to increase affordable housing

  • Armadale
  • Midland

A new agreement between the Department of Housing and the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) plans to contribute at least 1,300 new affordable homes by 2020. 

Housing Minister Terry Redman said the collaboration with the MRA would bring both agencies’ resources and expertise to bear in tackling the affordable housing challenge. 

“The Department of Housing and the MRA share a mutual obligation to help increase the supply and range of affordable housing options,” Mr Redman said. 

“Under the agreement, both agencies will establish a rolling five-year development plan of joint projects to help fast-track the supply of affordable housing options. 

“The MRA’s success in overseeing significant redevelopment and renewal projects with successful community engagement will complement the Department of Housing’s considerable experience in affordable housing and housing development. 

“This agreement recognises the advantages of a co-ordinated effort to share resources and deliver a significant number of well-located, affordable homes close to transport and services and furthers the State Government’s Affordable Housing Strategy to provide at least 20,000 new affordable dwellings by 2020.” 

About 40 per cent of the 1,300 new homes are planned to be located in central Perth with 60 per cent in other designated redevelopment areas, principally in Midland and Armadale

Planning Minister John Day said the provision of affordable housing was a key component of the MRA’s work to revitalise communities. 

“Ensuring access to affordable housing is vital for creating successful and inclusive communities that contribute to the long term economic development of the State,” Mr Day said. 

“As WA’s population grows, it is important for the Government to support the delivery of housing for essential workers and low to moderate income households and ensure these are situated close to public transport, services, recreation and employment.”

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