5 October 2016

Plan for Scarborough's future approved

  • Scarborough

Scarborough’s transformation continues to gather pace following final adoption of a new redevelopment scheme, design guidelines and planning policies and approval of the design of the public domain.

MRA CEO Kieran Kinsella said these approvals were an important milestone in shaping Scarborough’s future and creating one of Australia’s best beachfront destinations.

“Demolition and infrastructure works are largely complete on site and, with development approval now in place for the public realm, works will progress over the coming months to create the boardwalks, recreational spaces, public amenities and a new beach services and surf club.”

Mr Kinsella said adoption of the planning framework would also encourage further private investment and development across the 100ha redevelopment area and complement transformation of the foreshore.

“The investment by State Government and the City of Stirling in Scarborough is already generating strong interest in development opportunities with more than $72million of development applications determined by the MRA last financial year.”

“The Scarborough Redevelopment Scheme will guide preferred land uses, providing more confidence and flexibility for landowners and developers and catalysing further private investment throughout the area.”

Mr Kinsella confirmed that some areas covered by the master plan currently fall within the MRA’s boundary for redevelopment while other parts fall outside requiring separate planning and approvals process.

“The MRA will seek to extend the boundary of the Scarborough Redevelopment Area to streamline these planning processes.”

The extended boundary will also include the area required for the planned extensions of The Esplanade. Mr Kinsella said early discussions had been held with the Minister for Planning, the City of Stirling and the Scarborough Redevelopment Community Advisory Group.

“Any extension of the Scarborough Redevelopment Area boundary does not circumvent the required planning or environmental approvals for the road extensions.”

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