27 January 2013

Popular beaches to get $70m transformation

  • Scarborough

Scarborough, Leighton and Port beaches will be transformed and revitalised by a $70million investment by the Liberal National Government.

Premier Colin Barnett said an initial contribution of $30million had been provided to transform the Scarborough beach and surrounding areas, and up to $40million set aside for the realignment of Curtin Avenue, south of the Marine Parade roundabout in Cottesloe.

“Scarborough is a favourite tourist destination but the area has recently suffered from a lack of new investment and a poor reputation so this decision will help fulfil its enormous potential as one of the nation’s best beaches,” Mr Barnett said.

“The transformation of Scarborough will not be confined to its famous beachfront; the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) will work with the City of Stirling and the private sector to foster appropriate development and create a revitalised and vibrant precinct.”

Realigning Curtin Avenue, so it runs along the railway line and draws heavy traffic away from Leighton and Port beaches, will open up more land for families, beachgoers and cyclists.

“While there have been many improvements in the last decade at Leighton Beach, the Leighton Marshalling Yards remain a barren wasteland and potential danger for beachgoers.  The realignment of Curtin Avenue south of the Marine Parade roundabout will completely open up the area and bring back families and beachgoers to a revitalised beachfront,” the Premier said.

“This is particularly significant for south of the river beachgoers, who have grown up loving Port and Leighton beaches, but have had to dodge cars and trucks to get to the ocean,” he said.

Cyclists, too, have lobbied government for a safer path along the beach to Fremantle.

When completed, the revitalised beachfront will feature barbecues for families, swings and picnic areas.

At Scarborough, works that can be expected to be funded include:

  • new pedestrian promenades along the beachfront and cycling paths
  • landscaping, a children’s playground and public art 
  • fitness equipment; bbqs, seating and shade along the beach
  • improvements to access and car parking.

Also planned are on-the-ground activities such as pop-up kiosks, outdoor movies, bike hire and children’s activities to help increase visitors to the area and encourage them to stay a while.

Planning Minister John Day said the Scarborough urban renewal project would be planned and developed by the MRA with the City of Stirling to provide new public facilities but also to work with the private sector to foster more development.

“With its strong track record in tackling challenging projects, the MRA has the necessary skills and experience to deliver the revitalisation the community is seeking,” Mr Day said.

“The City of Stirling’s master plan will be reviewed with a view to addressing the economic and financial constraints that have previously halted the redevelopment of Scarborough.”

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