Elizabeth Quay artist impression with Lot 4 building highlighted.
6 April 2017

Preferred proponent selected for Lot 4 at Elizabeth Quay

  • Elizabeth Quay

CA Corporation has been selected as the preferred proponent to develop Lot 4 at Elizabeth Quay.

MRA Chief Executive Officer Kieran Kinsella said Lot 4 was the premium development site of Elizabeth Quay.

“CA Corporation will create a feature development, providing new commercial, retail and residential opportunities for the community along with a post-graduate education facility and short stay accommodation geared towards student living,” Mr Kinsella said.

CA Corporation is another collaboration between Malaysian developer Victor Goh and local developer Adrian Fini, who are also developing apartments and hotel with extensive retail and dining offerings on the western promenade of the quay.

CA Corporation Principal Victor Goh said Elizabeth Quay offered some of the best development opportunities in Perth and the opportunity to introduce something different, and complementary, to other developments around the quay was exciting.

“We have created separate entities for the two Elizabeth Quay developments to ensure we remain focused on what is best suited for each site, create a point of difference between the developments with a competitive offering, and deliver outstanding design and functions that will better serve the community’s needs.”

Planning and design work will continue over the next 12-18 months.

Mr Kinsella said three bids were received from the expression of interest process.

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