Artist impression Wellington Street
28 July 2014

What's happening to Wellington Street

Wellington Street may seem like a maze of works – but behind the fencing is one of the biggest service infrastructure upgrades undertaken in the Perth CBD in recent years.

The street is in the midst of an 18-month works program which will see the installation of new services including water, drainage, gas, sewer, power and telecommunications, as well as streetscape improvements.

Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority CEO Kieran Kinsella said the works were vitally important to meet the needs of our growing city.

“The inner city is growing at a phenomenal rate, with thousands of new residents and workers to move into the city in the coming years,” he said.

“The Perth City Link project alone will accommodate more than 3,000 residents and provide office and retail space for around 13,500 workers when completed.“

The first four office buildings, which are part of Leighton’s Kings Square precinct, will be completed in mid-2015 so we need to have these services in and ready for when those buildings open.”

One of the main complexities is the site itself. There are already a large amount of existing services which need to be protected during the works, and all while trying to keep the impacts to the community, residents and businesses as minimal as possible.

A number of innovative methods have been employed to allow the road to remain open without major disruption, including micro-tunnelling under the Wellington/ Milligan Street intersection.

It’s been a juggling act trying to fit Wellington Street traffic, room for construction activities and pedestrians and cyclists in the same space. By using traffic counts and cameras, contractors were able to determine the quantity and type of traffic using WellingtonStreet to choose the most efficient traffic lane arrangement. Traffic lights have also been programed to stay green for longer to minimise congestion.

The Water Corporation brought forward its recently completed $6.5 million Wellington Street Branch Drain upgrade to be part of the current works program, to minimise potential future disruption. That work involved replacing and upgrading the existing Wellington Street Branch Drain, which was dated to the early 1900s.

After the service installation work is completed, the City of Perth will undertake streetscape improvements including new landscaping, street furniture and lighting.When completed, the new-look Wellington Street will feature a tree-lined promenade stretching from the Perth Arena to William Street.


  • Water Corporation Drainage Upgrade (William Street to King Street) - Completed May 2014
  • MRA Service Installation (King Street to Milligan Street) - Complete September 2014
  • City Of Perth Streetscape Upgrades (King Street to Milligan Street) - Complete February 2015


VOLUME OF EXCAVATIONS: 18,000 cubic metres - more than 7 Olympic size swimming pools


TOTAL LENGTH OF PIPES INSTALLED: Almost every service is being upgraded:

   Over 8km of electrical cabling

   350m of water pipes

   300m of gas pipes

   300m of drainage pipes

   80m of sewer pipes

   1km of Telstra and communications cabling

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