Yagan Square construction aerial photo 12 October 2017
19 October 2017

Yagan Square digital tower screen keeps construction on track

  • Yagan Square

More than 1,000 panels have recently been installed to complete the screen of new 45-metre digital tower at Yagan Square.

Work is currently underway to secure partners for operations and programming of the screen. Some early testing has been undertaken with full commissioning of the screen scheduled for later in the year.

The digital tower is the latest incarnation of previous advertising towers that have stood at the base of the Horseshoe Bridge since 1903.

The design of the new tower is inspired by Aboriginal culture and history with 14 steel columns symbolising the bulrushes that surrounded the ancient lakes of the area, and representing the 14 Noongar language groups.

Yagan Square is the key public place within the Perth City Link project. Located within the arms of the Horseshoe Bridge, the square will be one of the city’s most important meeting and celebration places and a major tourist destination.

“Yagan Square is a celebration of all things Western Australian – our landscape, food and culture - and will be a key part of the McGowan Labor Government’s commitment to boosting tourism expenditure in this State,” MRA CEO Kieran Kinsella said.

“The $75million Yagan Square project was designed by the people of Perth who wanted to see some of the former uses return including markets and the iconic advertising tower.”

“It will be one of the most well connected places in the city with 60,000 patrons from the Perth Train Station and Perth Busport expected to pass through the area every day.”

Construction of Yagan Square has provided jobs for more than 225 people and new business opportunities for 16 future tenants. The first 10 leases have been signed with final negotiations underway for the remaining tenancies.” 

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