22 February 2018

Traffic, pedestrian, cyclist and parking info

  • Scarborough

Traffic, parking, pedestrian and cyclist access changes are in place at Scarborough beachfront while works are underway until early 2018.

The Esplanade is open from Brighton Road to Manning Street, and Scarborough Beach Road is also open. Vehicles can access the foreshore from Brighton Road, Scarborough Beach Road, Manning Street and Reserve Street. 

There are still changes in place for pedestrians accessing the beach.

  • Access to the beach is via the path north of the playground as well as the path north of Sunset Hill, through the east west pedestrian path at the clock tower, and at the end of Brighton Road past C Breez cafe. 

All carparks along Scarborough Beach are now open.

Parking is also available underneath the Rendezvous Hotel (paid) or in the Wilson carpark on Manning Street (bays are free for the first two hours or $5 all day parking). 

A detailed map is available for download.

Access to local businesses and residential buildings will remain in place at all times although there may be some slight adjustments to pathways and access points throughout the works period. Follow the signs.

More information: