At its meeting on 1 April 2019, the Central Perth Land Redevelopment Committee (LRC) resolved to APPROVE recommending to the MRA Board that it adopt the amended Chemistry Centre Design Guidelines, subject to minor revisions to address the following:

  • Revise Section 1.5 ‘Discretionary Clause’ to note that the additional community benefits required to be demonstrated in support of any significant increase in yield are identified in Section 3.2 ‘Plot Ratio’.
  • Revise Section 3.3 ‘Podium Design’ to provide further detail in the Objective for podium design, regarding human scale development, public realm activation, rooftop amenity and wind mitigation and remove the reference in Acceptable Outcomes to a specific 20m modulation of podiums.
  • Revise Section 3.15 ‘Privacy’ to note that 6m setbacks from boundaries is from common boundaries, not street fronts.
  • Add a new Figure, similar to Figure 3, that illustrates public realm objectives such as street level activation, pedestrian movement, landscape zones, any proposed services corridors to be screened, and any internal Public Access Ways to be activated.