The Planning Sub-Committee RECOMMENDED to the Board that it approve submission of the development application submitted by Daniel Lees of Element for a 23 storey hotel and 32 storey mixed use development at Lot 9001 Wellington Street, Perth, to the Minister for Planning for approval in accordance with section 60 of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority Act 2011, subject to the recommended conditions of approval.

In determining its recommendation, the Committee noted:

  • On-site delivery of the affordable housing units required under the MRA’s planning framework, or an alternative off-site solution acceptable to both the MRA and the Department of Communities, is to be demonstrated prior to commencement of construction works.
  • The functionality and size of the balconies and winter gardens, particularly for corner apartments, and provision of openable windows to all bedroom and living spaces, for direct access to light and ventilation, is to be demonstrated at detailed design stage.
  • The need for early and ongoing engagement between the MRA and the developer as the plans progress to detailed design and working drawings stage(s).
  • Design resolution of the podium elevations, ensuring appropriate detailing of openings to conceal and ventilate car parking and service areas while promoting visual interaction and passive surveillance of the street below.
  • Non preferred parking layout considered due to site specific complexities and the proponents commitment to minimal parking allocation.