Pursuant to orders made by the State Administrative Tribunal, the Board has reconsidered the revised development application submitted by Hillam Architects for a proposed 43 storey mixed-use development at Lot 601 (No. 10) Scarborough Beach Road, Lot 43 (No. 206) West Coast Highway and Lot 86 (No. 45) Filburn Street, Scarborough. The Board set aside its decision of 7 December 2017, rescinding the decision to refuse the development application and substituted it by granting development approval of the revised development application, subject to conditions and advice notes.

The Board in arriving at its decision to approve the revised development application, in addition to the matters described in the Management Report, gave regard to:

  • the provisions of section 66 of the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority Act 2011;
  • submissions received in relation to the revised proposal;
  • the recommendation by the Scarborough Land Redevelopment Committee that the Board approve the revised Development Application;
  • significant improvements in design matters reflecting the Design Mediation Panel’s endorsement of the design achieving Design Excellence, which has led to improvements with the podium and ground level interface with the public domain, a reduction in the overall development yield (including gross floor area) to a level more in keeping with the existing planning framework, and a consequent reduction in car parking to reduce the impact on traffic;
  • the vision and objectives for the Scarborough Redevelopment Area as articulated in the Scarborough Redevelopment Scheme;
  • Scarborough’s role as an Activity Centre under Perth and Peel@3.5million with medium to high density residential, commercial and tourism development; and
  • the requirements of orderly and proper planning in its decision making process to ensure the revised development is consistent with the Scarborough Redevelopment Scheme and meets the design intent.