Frequently Asked Questions

What is the City West of Railway Precinct?

City West of Railway (CWoR) is a transit-oriented development in close proximity to the Armadale Train Station. The development will be something not before seen in Armadale and will become a destination for locals and visitors to interact through a range of commercial services and retail opportunities such as bars and restaurants. The CWoR precinct will primarily provide for a high-density residential development that benefits from the area’s proximity to public transport facilities,

Is the CWoR a METRONET Project?

While CWoR is not a METRONET project, it supports the State Government’s priority of increasing infill around train stations to better connect people to their work, play and communities. The 10-hectare CWoR precinct is a critical urban infill project and complements the METRONET approach and City of Armadale City Centre Strategic Structure Plan.

Why start now?

The State government has approved funding aimed at implementing the CWoR project. Key components of the funding are:

  • land acquisition for public works;
  • design of statutory services such as drainage;
  • design of civil and landscaping components such as the extension of Cornish Street and Wallis Way;
  • design of landscaping for the public open space; and
  • review of the Development Contribution Plan.

What happens next?

  • Land valuation for land acquisition.
  • Demolition – Lot 8 (2 Tudor Road) & Lot 10 (459 Green Ave).
  • Detailed civil & landscape design works.
  • Developer Contribution Plan amended and advertised.
  • Release to market of two lots – Lot 8 (2 Tudor Road) and Lot 21 (33 Fifth Road).

What is the Development Contribution Plan (DCP) and why is it being amended?

A DCP is a mechanism under Armadale Redevelopment Scheme 2, which provides for common infrastructure costs to be equitably shared among landowners within a defined area who carry out development. It facilitates development and subdivision which would otherwise be difficult for owners acting alone to achieve.

An landowner in a development contribution area is required to make a development contribution in accordance with the applicable DCP. An owner’s liability to pay the owner’s development contribution to the planning authority arises on approval of development on the land or approval of any subdivision.

The State's investment in CWoR reduces the reliance upon the current DCP for participant owners to meet some of the anticipated costs. It is anticipated that a review aligning the scope of civil and landscape design with the approved Structure Plan will result in development costs under the DCP being reduced, which will in turn act as an incentive to owners to invest in development. The reduction will be reflected in an amendment to the DCP.

When will the CWoR be complete?

The State’s project objectives of land assembly and civil & landscape design are expected to be completed by the end of this year. Approval of the amended DCP is expected early next year and a reduction in development costs is anticipated, thus enticing developers to the precinct. The City of Armadale can then commence civil & landscape construction works.

Why is DevelopmentWA acquiring land?

DevelopmentWA is responsible for acquiring the land necessary for the works comprising of the extension of Cornish Street, creation of Wallis Way, landscaping, provision of drainage and statutory service extensions to implement the approved Structure Plan.

Will landowners be compensated for land acquired?

Yes, landowners will be compensated. The State will engage an independent land Valuer who will assess land value and other statutory allowances in accordance with the Land Administration Act 1997.

DevelopmentWA is negotiating with landowners to reach agreement on the value of the land. There is generally not “one size fits all” with land acquisition due to the area, size and dimension of the land required. Consideration of other factors relevant to a landholding will be given on a case-by-case basis.

In the event that an agreement is not reached and DevelopmentWA proceeds to compulsory acquisition, compensation will be paid to affected landowners in accordance with the processes and entitlements set out in Land Administration Act 1997.

Will I have access to my land?

Access will not be restricted during the acquisition process. If the process continues, after any compulsory acquisition, notwithstanding that ownership of the land will have changed, you will continue to be permitted to have full access to the land in the short term pending commencement of the public works. Landowners and any other occupiers will be given reasonable notice and opportunity to relocate prior to commencement of works. Where relevant, relocation expenses may form part of the compensation negotiation.

Who can I contact to find out more?

Please contact Claire Collins, Project Manager, on 08 6557 0700 or by email to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.