Our Planning Framework

With our Armadale project, we’re working closely with development applicants and industry experts to achieve the best quality design and sustainability initiatives, and attract good returns for investors. Our work is guided by a redevelopment scheme, policies and design guidelines for each precinct.

Responsibility for the project

We currently have planning authority over the Armadale redevelopment area, which includes 9ha west of the railway in the city centre, the Forrestdale Business Park, residential areas near Champion Lakes and the Kelmscott town centre.


The Armadale redevelopment area.

Do you need approval?

Some developments require approval, whereas some minor works and activities don't.

In some cases, you'll need to apply for a development application but in many cases your development may be exempt. Some examples of works exempt may include:

  • the construction of a swimming pool or pool barrier in your backyard
  • demolition or erection of a patio, pergola, garage, carport, fence or shed, if the structure complies with the applicable planning framework
  • erection of a single dwelling on a lot bigger than 260m2, if the dwelling complies with the applicable planning framework
  • erection of signage or advertising, if it complies with the applicable planning framework

Our Information Sheet provides more information on what is exempt and what isn't.

What do I need to do if my development is exempt?

Even if you are exempt, a building permit is still generally required from the City of Armadale.

Should the proposal be for the erection of a compliant single dwelling on a lot with an area greater than 260m2, a planning advice request will need to be submitted to us for consideration.

We will issue planning advice to the City of Armadale with a copy provided to the applicant to accompany their future building permit submission.

You can request planning advice using the Armadale/Wungong Planning Advice Application page.

Our development application process

There are a series of steps involved in obtaining planning approval which can take up to 90 days for standard developments and 120 days for major projects.

  1. Design Phase: A concept for the development is considered and the requirement for planning approval is determined by the applicant. 
  2. Pre-Lodgement Meeting: A meeting with our Planning Team to discuss the application and/or process. While the meeting is optional, we strongly encourage discussion at the pre-lodgement stage.
  3. Lodgement: The development application is compiled and submitted to our Planning Team along with the required fee. 
  4. Assessment: Our team assesses proposed development in line with the relevant planning framework and refers it to the relevant agencies. It could also be referred to independent consultants, design review panels or advertised for public comment.
  5. Decide and Inform: Notification of the outcome for the development application is given. 

Throughout the process our Planning Team will liaise with you where required. An additional Working Drawings process may be requested if necessary. Only once approval has been given can you apply for a Building License from your Local Government. 

There's some answers to lots of frequently asked questions and a detailed step by step diagram on the development application process page. 

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