Following the State Government’s Machinery of Government review in 2017, it has implemented a number of Land Agency Reforms providing greater efficiencies and strength to the Government’s ability to deliver priority projects such as METRONET. As part of that process, the City Centre Project Area, Champion Drive Precinct and Forrestdale Business Park East Precinct have been identified for handover (including asset and planning authority transfer) to the City of Armadale, on or before 30 June 2020.

Project handover involves returning planning authority for the area to the Western Australian Planning Commission and local government, in this case the City of Armadale.  This includes strategic and statutory planning, asset management and administration of the Developer Contribution Plan.

Key points

City Centre Project Area

  • The project objective for the City Centre Project Area was to facilitate development of the Armadale City Centre as a vibrant, multi-dimensional place of civic, cultural and economic significance consistent with its standing as a strategic regional centre. This was to occur by encouraging the development of a range of high-order commercial, administrative, social, entertainment, recreation, residential and community functions.
  • Transitioning responsibilities back to the City is required. The State has delivered physical improvements as well as laying the groundwork for future development within the Project Area in accordance with its Transit Oriented Development potential. Given completion of key project objectives, it is appropriate to transition DevelopmentWA responsibilities back to the City.

Champion Drive

  • Champion Drive has created a strong north-west entry statement to Armadale, capitalising on the precinct's proximity and direct access to Tonkin Highway.
  • The Champion Drive development successfully embodies the objectives of the WA State Government's `Liveable Neighbourhoods' initiative including a coordinated approach to built form, streetscape and building orientation.

Forrestdale Business Park East Precinct

  • State involvement in Forrestdale Business Park East was to facilitate development of a business park accommodating a wide range of uses and best practice industrial design outcomes to establish a strong economic driver for the Armadale region that contributes to the development of a sustainable local employment sector.
  • The Authority has successfully achieved Precinct intent, with approximately 80% of private development complete.

Have a Question about Project Handover?

If you have any questions about the handover process or require further information please view our FAQ section or  contact the Planning division on (08) 9482 7499.

Proposed Normalisation of Champion Drive, City Centre and Forrestdale Business Park East Precinct on or before June 2020

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