• The front of Armadale Shopping City taken from the mall with a red hand art piece in the foreground

    Armadale Shopping City

    Armadale Shopping City sits between Jull Street and Church Avenue, not far from the refurbished train station.

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  • aerial-shot-aboriginal-and-interpretative-centre-armadale-1233x774.jpg

    Champion Lakes Regatta Centre

    Champion Lakes Regatta Centre is a world-class venue for rowing, canoeing, dragon boating, triathlon events and other national and international water sport competitions.

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  • central-park-armadale-1200x720.jpg

    Armadale Central

    In the heart of Armadale, you’ll find Armadale Central.

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  • forrestdale-business-park-armadale-1200x720.jpg

    Forrestdale Business Park

    Forrestdale Business Park sits between Ranford and Armadale Roads and Tonkin Highway, with large-scale industrial sites and smaller-scale shopping.

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