One of WA’s fastest-growing regional centres

Situated 28km from central Perth, Armadale is a vital regional centre for Perth’s expanding south-east corridor.

Our revitalisation project in Armadale has already given new life to the area, creating new communities and facilities, introducing more affordable housing options and forging stronger connections with the surrounding areas.

As our project continues, we aim to strengthen Armadale’s role as a strategic centre with a strong focus on sustainability. New business and industrial opportunities combined with new housing will give people the chance to live and work within the same area.

A revitalised economy

More than 17,000 jobs

330 hectares of industrial and commercial land

The State Government has invested $50m into redeveloping Armadale.

32,000m² for shops and services

32,000m² for shops and services

More than $470m investment from private sector

A sustainable community

This is one of WA’s largest and most ambitious urban renewal projects. Since our revitalisation has begun, Armadale now features a new shopping centre, a world-class water sports venue at Champion Lakes, a 320ha business park and improved transport links. As our work continues, we will focus on new ways to create an even more sustainable community for future generations.

  • A red car approaches a roundabout outside Armadale Central Shopping Centre
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    Eat, shop and play in Armadale’s redeveloped city centre.

  • Eight school kids a in a huddle, laughing, with the Champion Lakes Regatta Centre in the background.
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    Champion Lakes includes a world-class rowing centre

  • wide shot of Armadale Train Station as a worker buys some food from the attached cafe
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    Transport upgrades include improvements to the Armadale train station.

  • ranford-road-upgrade-armadale-1233x774.jpg
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    $11.7m has been invested in upgrading Ranford Road.

  • A crowd watches on as rowers go past
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    Armadale plays host to a range of sporting, music and family events.

  • close up picture of a plaque from The Aboriginal and Interpretative Centre at Champion Lakes, Armadale
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    The Aboriginal Interpretive Centre is a place to discuss, celebrate and learn more about Nyoongar culture.


New housing opportunities

Armadale offers a variety of housing with sustainable designs, residential estates, family homes, apartments and plans for more inner-city dwellings. Different residential areas have been created over the past decade, as new land has become available for development and Armadale’s population continues to grow.

  • dawn-shot-champion-lakes-residential-armadale-1200x720.jpg

    Champion Lakes features housing close to the international sporting centre.

  • A gutter runs from a house in to a watertank

    Champion Drive offers around 700 new homes, with a range of lot sizes and focus on sustainable designs.

  • Front of Armadale Train Station with sunlight coming through in the background

    West of Railway will be an inner-city precinct close to the rail lines, giving residents an easier route to work.

The City of Armadale’s population is expected to grow at more than twice the rate of WA’s population growth between now and 2031.

City of Armadale, Business Investment Prospectus, April 2014

A new look and new life

For a long time, Armadale was a neglected corner of Perth. Our redevelopment builds on the features that give this important regional centre its unique beauty, character and style.

  • open park with tree to the left hand side and toilet blocks to the right
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    The memorial park area is now a welcoming playground outside Armadale Central

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    Bertwistle Local Studies Library
  • central-shopping-before-redevelopment-armadale-1200x720.jpg
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    The redevelopment of Armadale has included significant improvements to Armadale Shopping City

  • A green train sits at the far right-end of Armadale Station. Half-completed pavers lay in the middle island of the station while an elderly couple walk away from the camera on the left-hand platform, which is separated by a rail line.
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    The Armadale Station before redevelopment

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    Courtesy Rail Heritage WA

Expanding Perth’s south-east corridor

As the eastern gateway to Perth, Armadale has emerged as an outstanding example of sustainable urban development.

With a rapidly growing population, it has brought together industry, business, recreation and housing to create a vibrant community.

Our redevelopment area covers around 550ha. Over the next 10 to 15 years, this project will create thousands of new homes and more than 17,000 jobs for this flourishing south eastern metropolitan community.


Wungong Urban is strategically located within the Armadale Redevelopment area.

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