How do I search for my signature?

Type the name of your school in the designated box on the page and click 'search'. All the tiles will appear below but if your school has multiple tiles use the scroll arrows to view them one at a time. 

Why isn’t my school appearing?

  • School names have been written as they appeared on the original ceramic tiles. Try typing the first letter of your school in the search box and checking the list for all schools beginning with that letter.
  • Ensure you are typing the name of your school and not your own name. The tool will only deliver search results for school names.
  • Not all schools participated in the Sign In 2000 project. Only the schools that had a ceramic tile around the Bell Tower will appear in the results.

Why can I see the name of my school in the search box but the tiles are not showing?

Ensure you click the search icon to display the tiles for your school. The tiles will appear below the search box.

How can I view the original ceramic tile?

Click on the the tab “Ceramic 2000” above the tile to view the original ceramic tile. You can toggle back and forth between
the original and new tile images using the tabs.

Is my signature positioned in the same place on both the new copper tile and original ceramic tile images?

Yes, the ceramic and copper tiles are identical so your signature will be in the same position.

What is the contents of the tile package?

The tile package contains a personalised certificate (.pdf file) with your school name, your full name and images of the new copper tile and original ceramic tile. You will also receive images of both tiles separately (.jpg files).

In what way can I receive my tile package?

The tile package is delivered via email only.

How do I select the tile I would like included in my package?

Select either the copper or ceramic tile by clicking on the “select tile” button right under the tile image.

How do I fill out the form?

Your full name will be required as it will be displayed on the personalised certificate and your email address is required so the tile package can be sent to you. You must tick the box next to 'I am not a robot' to make sure that you are not a robot. You may then see a series of images appear and you will need to select those related to the question above them before clicking 'Verify'.

Once the form is completed and the robot verification has been ticked you can select 'Send My Package'. 

Why can’t I see the form that I have to fill in to receive my package?

Ensure you have searched for your school name and that the tiles for your school are appearing below in the search results. The form will be displayed under the tile image. 

If your school has multiple tiles associated with it, the tile package form will only be displayed once you have selected the desired tile.

Am I able to obtain more than one tile package?

You can obtain as many tile packages as you wish. Just remember that you will need to fill out the form for each package, as you are only able to request one package per submission.

Why haven’t I received my tile package?

If your email from [do not send emails to this address] hasn’t arrived within half an hour check your junk / spam email folder.

How do I open the tiles and certificate that I have received via email?

Open the tiles images and certificate by clicking the “download” button next to each of them.

Why can’t I access the page or view the content properly?

Ensure your browser version is up to date. This tool supports the browser versions described below:

  • Latest version of Chrome
  • Latest version of Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • Latest version of Safari
  • iOS7 (Safari Browser) and iOS8 (Safari and Chrome browsers)

Still having difficulties using the online tool?

Please email and we will get back to you.

What was Sign In 2000?

In 1999, as part of a community project to support the opening of the Bell Tower, school students from around Western Australia were invited to sign their names into history as part of the Sign In 2000 project. More than 200,000 students’ signatures were etched into 2,375 tiles and laid in a pathway at the foreground of the Bell Tower.

Why were the tiles removed from around The Bell Tower?

The tiles were removed in 2014 as part of works to revitalise the Barrack Street Jetty precinct. While attempts were made to remove the tiles intact, they were unable to be saved. The MRA committed to reinterpreting the signatures as a new public art piece at Barrack Street Jetty to ensure the community could continue to interact with this important piece of social history.

How were the original signature tiles copied onto the Signature Ring?

Prior to the tiles being removed, we created a photographic record of every one of the 2,375 tiles and obtained an electronic copy of the original signatures to ensure they could be reinterpreted.

What if my former school is not there?

Each of the tiles previously located by The Bell Tower has been incorporated onto the new artwork. If you cannot find your former school it is most likely that your school did not participate in Sign In 2000. Not every school in Western Australia took part in the project in 1999.

What if my signature is not there?

If you were in school in 1999 but cannot find your signature it could be either that your school did not participate or you were absent at the time when the signatures were collected. Not every student or school in Western Australia participated in Sign In 2000.

What colour is the artwork?

The Signature Ring artwork is clad in the same copper panels as those used on the outside of the Bell Tower and the both the new toilet block and facilities storage building at Barrack Street Jetty. This copper paneling oxidises and changes colour over time. Its ability to change colour and weather in its environment is considered one of its attributes.

Why are some of the signatures hard to read?

The legibility of the signatures on the new artwork will be dependent on several factors including the size and quality of the original markings. As you would expect when dealing with the handwriting of young children, many of the original signatures were unclear and varied greatly in size. They then lost some clarity when were transposed from paper onto the ceramic tiles. All efforts have been made to capture the best possible impressions of the original signatures for the new artwork. The signatures have been etched at a smaller scale in order to fit the tiles onto the Signature Ring.

How do I locate my signature on the Signature Ring?

You can search for your school tile and signature by visiting the new artwork near the Bell Tower. The school tiles run from one end of the sculpture to the other in alphabetical order. By using the online signature tool to find your signature you will be provided with a location of your school's signatures.