The Workshops

The Midland Workshops are a cluster of late 19th century buildings undergoing thoughtful restoration to provide an urban village for a new era. Retaining its authentic, industrial feel, the new Workshops urban village will be home to a range of residential, commercial, health, education, entertainment and creative industry uses.

  • Workers Wall at the front of Block One at the Midland Railway Workshops
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    Workers Wall, Midland Railway Workshops

  • Exterior view of the GP Super Clinic at The Workshops
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    The GP Superclinic provides the community with same day appointments 6 days a week.

  • Crowds walking through the Powerhouse with band playing at the Midland Workshops Heritage Open Day
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    Midland Workshops Heritage Open Day 2014 (The Powerhouse)

  • The Powerhouse internal
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    Inside The Powerhouse


Railway Square

Surrounded by cafes, shops, restaurants and bars and just south of the rail line, Railway Square will be at the heart of The Workshops development. The site celebrates its history through a peace memorial and heritage interpretation, while the large public square will provide space for recreation, meetings and events for generations to come.

  • The Water Line at Midland's Railway Square
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    The Water Line at Railway Square, representing the movement of the old locomotive trains that once moved through the space.

  • Railway Square public art pieces by Stuart Green
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    A series of art pieces by Stuart Green at Railway Square

  • Railway Square Anzac Day 2017
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    Railway Square Anzac Day 2017


Health precinct

Our Midland redevelopment project is bringing a number of new health services to the area.

The family owned and operated GP Super Clinic provides the community with a range of bulk billing and same day services, as well as onsite pharmacy, physiotherapy and Aboriginal health services. Next door, major cancer care provider Icon has opened its newest centre with the capacity to provide treatments to thousands of patients each year.

The Midland Public Hospital, a joint venture between the Department of Health and St John of God Health Care opened in 2015. The state-of-the-art facility delivers health care to both private and public patients, including new services such as cancer, intensive and high dependency care to Perth’s eastern suburbs for the first time.

Construction of the PlusLife Bone and Tissue Bank is underway, with their new office to be located within the heritage Railway Institute Building and new laboratories built behind.  A new medical university is also planned for the precinct.

  • GP-Super-Clinic-internal-web.jpg
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    Inside the GP Super Clinic, Block One of The Workshops

  • Midland Public and Private Hospital operated by St John of God Healthcare
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    The St John of God Public and Private Hospital.

  • Artist impression of Curtin Medical Campus building
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    An artist impression of the future Curtin University Midland campus.


Large format shopping centre

Located south of the rail line on the eastern edge of The Workshops precinct, the Clayton commercial precinct maintains a strong link with Midland’s retail heart.

Given its convenient location, the Clayton precinct is undergoing redevelopment for medium to high intensity employment focused use, including a large-format shopping centre, light industrial and retail outlets. Nearby, the 14-hectare former Midland Livestock Saleyards in Eastern Enterprise will be redeveloped to provide new investment land within the city and stimulate further commercial development. This area will become the main southern entry to the Midland city centre once Lloyd Street is extended to the Great Eastern Highway bypass.

PA  5-Commercial large format retail.jpg

Midland Central large format retail hub

Midland City Centre

A mix of inner-city apartments, offices, green spaces, and cultural life have brought Midland’s heart back to the city centre. With easy access to public transport, the contemporary mixed-use buildings bring together old and new to create a vibrant place to live, work and play.

Mixed use development  along The Crescent

Mixed use development along The Crescent

Public art paying homage to Midland's history

Cafes, restaurants and bars

Excellent transport links including Midland Train Station and bus interchange

Former Midland Junction Primary School restored.

Public spaces including the award-winning Juniper Gardens

Public spaces including the award-winning Juniper Gardens

Woodbridge Lakes

Woodbridge Lakes is a multiple award winning residential development surrounding the historic coal dam. Combining the area’s historic charm and natural beauty with a unique collection of public art, the development has created a community of top-quality homes that blend cohesively with the nearby city centre.  

  • Coal Dam and Woodbridge Lakes residences

    Coal Dam

    A former coal dam servicing The Workshops operations now one of Midland's best parks.

  • Community gathering at Coal Dam Park

    Parks and gardens

    Green spaces for the community and visitors.

  • Woodbridge Lakes townhouses

    Dress circle residences

    One of Midland's most desirable addresses.