Explore New Northbridge

In New Northbridge, you’ll find a variety of housing, shops and businesses nestled amongst heritage buildings, cultural spaces and beautiful streetscapes.

From the beginning of the project, the redevelopment has been carefully planned around 70 retained heritage buildings. The design of New Northbridge has introduced open spaces such as Plateia Hellas on Lake Street, vibrant art and sculpture, street furniture, new roads, more than 550 new off-street parking bays and much more.

Aberdeen Street streetscape

Aberdeen Street streetscape

Step back in time

Northbridge is one of Perth's oldest suburbs, home to some of our most celebrated heritage buildings.

70 heritage buildings retained and conserved

The Union Bakery restored and converted to offices.

Talbot Hobbs heritage cottages on Newcastle Street

Former laundry turned jazz club

Former laundry turned jazz club

The Postmasters' House on Aberdeen Street

Wallpaper World on the corner of Newcastle and Palmerston Streets

Discover Lake Street

Enjoy performances and festivals in the Lake Street precinct, which blends homes, entertainment and culture, and public art which celebrates the area’s close ties with the Greek community.

Learn about Museum Street

The Museum Street precinct is where students, workers, residents and visitors enjoy open space, restaurants, cafes, local shops and businesses, all just moments from the Perth Cultural Centre.

  • Central Institute of Technology Northbridge campus
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    Central Institute of Technology Northbridge campus

  • Museum Street Park and cafes
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    Museum Street Park and nearby cafes


Caring for the Community

New Northbridge is home to a diverse community of people with a mix of housing types, recreation, businesses, convenient community facilities and social services.

  • 6 three image passages - WEB - FEATURES.jpg

    Passages Resource Centre

    Run by St Vincent de Paul Society, provides young people with a safe and positive place to access essential support.

  • 6 three image Women's Health 227 Newcastle Street - WEB - FEATURES.jpg

    Women's Health and Family Services

    Provides fully integrated primary care services for women and their families.

  • Upper floor facade of Foundation Housing's Newcastle Street complex

    Foundation Housing

    Social housing facility offering residents access to employment, healthcare, recreational and educational facilities.