Following the State Government’s Machinery of Government review in 2017, a number of Land Agency Reforms have been implemented to provide greater efficiencies and strengthen the Government’s ability to deliver priority projects such as METRONET. As part of this review, the New Northbridge Project Area is programed for project handover, on or before 30 June 2020. 

Project handover involves returning planning authority for the area to the Western Australian Planning Commission and the local government, in this case the City of Perth and the City of Vincent.  This includes strategic and statutory planning and asset management.

Key points

  • The award winning New Northbridge Project commenced in January 2000 when a portion of the Graham Farmer Freeway was sunk, freeing up land above for redevelopment, resulting in a 27 hectare project area.
  • The project created hundreds of new residences and 70,000 square metres of retail and commercial space.
  • The State Government’s $60 million investment facilitated $300 million of private investment.
  • The majority of the project area has been normalised, with the Museum Street and Lindsay Street precincts to be handed over.

Have a question about Project Handover?

If you have any questions about the handover process or require further information please view our FAQ section by or contact our Planning division on (08) 9482 7499.

Proposed Normalisation of the New Northbridge Project Area on or before June 2020

New Northbridge Project Handover Map