• Museum Street Park and cafes

    Museum Street Park

    Sitting next to the Central Institute of Technology (CIT) campus, Museum Street Park is a place for students, workers and residents to relax.

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  • 'Baba Yaga Houses' artwork at Museum Street Park

    Baba Yaga Houses

    Walking through Museum Street Park in Northbridge, you can’t help but be drawn towards the Baba Yaga Houses public art project.

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  • Plateia Hellas, Lake Street

    Plateia Hellas

    Situated on Lake Street, between Aberdeen and Newcastle streets, Plateia Hellas is a public piazza that has become a gateway to the Northbridge entertainment district.

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  • 5 Matrix Plateia Hellas public art - WEB - VISION.jpg


    When you’re in Plateia Hellas on Lake Street in Northbridge, take a closer look at Nexus by Simon Gauntlet and Russell Kingdom.

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  • Weld-Square.jpg

    Weld Square

    In the heart of bustling Northbridge, you’ll find Weld Square, a relaxing natural space bordered by Parry, Stirling, Newcastle and Beaufort Streets.

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