Creating New Northbridge

Our vision for New Northbridge is to create a safe, friendly and enjoyable place for Perth people and visitors to live, work and play.

Northbridge is a vibrant inner city community featuring a fusion of culture, history, arts, business and much more. If you’ve lived in Perth long, you’ll know that it wasn’t always this way. Before our New Northbridge project began the area had become run-down and under-utilised and, in 2000, part of the area made way for the construction of new Graham Farmer tunnel.

Ongoing activity and investment now flows into the area which offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle close to the CBD and at the centre of Perth’s major roads and public transport system.

As New Northbridge has developed, we have seen:

  • Evidence of the area’s rich heritage and cultural values in the plazas, street names and public art
  • Easier access, especially with Perth’s free Central Area Transit (CAT) bus services, cycle ways and pedestrian-friendly streetscapes
  • Integration between the Northbridge entertainment area and the residential areas of Vincent
  • More places to live with around 10% to 15% of new land releases reserved for social and affordable housing
  • New visitors and businesses attracted to New Northbridge as the area continues to grow

This is an exciting project that has already spanned more than a decade and is nearing completion. We’re continuing to work on bringing existing built form and uses together with new architectural solutions and land mixes, to provide hundreds of new dwellings for Perth’s booming population. 

New possibilities opened with the Northbridge Tunnel

In the late 1990s, part of the new Graham Farmer Freeway was sunk to create an underground tunnel and connect major transport arteries across the city. The people of Perth were enthusiastic about this much-needed road, but a corridor of vacant, dilapidated land was left above the tunnel.

  • The Northbridge Tunnel under construction (1997)
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    The Northbridge Tunnel under construction (1997)

  • Aerial image of the New Northbridge project area before development
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    New Northbridge project area before development (green outline) and the Northbridge Tunnel footprint (white outline)

  • Western entry of the Northbridge Tunnel at night
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    Northbridge Tunnel - western entry

  • New Northbridge event crowd

    Revitalised spaces

    Previously vacant land has been infused with new life.

  • Concourse Apartments, Stirling Street

    Bridging the gap

    We’re creating a seamless link between entertainment and residential areas.

  • Mixed use development along Newcastle Street

    Centre of attention

    New visitors, residents and businesses can explore and enjoy the new space.

Celebrating history

Heritage buildings have been carefully restored for residential and commercial uses, while streets and public spaces reflect the area's history.

Public art at Plateia Hellas pays homage to Northbridge’s Greek heritage.

Former industrial sites turned apartment.

Former industrial sites turned apartment.

Re Loop, Pisconeri St and Via Torre honour families who lived and worked here.

Heritage cottages refurbished and now used as offices.

Inner city living

New Northbridge features a range of new and revitalised townhouses, apartments and other mixed-use dwellings.

We believe it’s essential to provide affordable housing in New Northbridge. The area has always been home to people from a range of cultures and socio-economic backgrounds who can enjoy being close to Perth’s major employment and social and care services. Our Affordable Housing Program will provide affordable or social housing in 10 to 15% of the project area, which represents around 150 units.


  • 6 Image Gallery ARcus apartments - WEB - VISION.jpg
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    Arcus apartments, corner Aberdeen and Palmerston streets

  • Tyne Square mixed use development
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    Mixed use development incorporating apartments and affordable housing

  • New Northbridge townhouses
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    Townhouse living in New Northbridge


Connecting Perth

New Northbridge bridges the gap between Perth’s CBD and Northbridge, connecting major roads, freeways and bus and train networks.


New Northbridge has easy access to the Mitchell, Kwinana and Graham Farmer Freeways, as well as key north-south arteries

Attracting new investment

New business initiatives, offices, private investments and a $60m government investment are encouraging the area to flourish.

$300m of private sector investment

460 new residences

70,000sqm retail and commercial space

70,000sqm retail and commercial space

3,500 workers

The success of New Northbridge is testament to the commitment not to ‘wipe the slate clean’, but to embark on a ten year program to integrate existing urban forms, land uses and street pattern, with new architectural solutions, use mixes and the creation of a new public realm, integrating the area with surrounding streets.

UDIA Award for Excellence in Urban Renewal Judges' Citation

A vibrant lifestyle

People can enjoy safe and relaxed surrounds with green open spaces, parks, public art, attractive landscaping and alfresco dining.

  • 'Baba Yaga Houses' artwork at Museum Street Park
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    'Baba Yaga Houses' artwork at Museum Street Park

  • Greek Dancers at the Plateia Hellas, Lake Street Northbridge
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    Greek Dancers at the Plateia Hellas, Lake Street Northbridge

  • Men gathering under a tree in Weld Square
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    Weld Square

  • Events in the Plateia Hellas
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    Events in the Plateia Hellas

  • The Ellington Jazz Club
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    Ellington Jazz Club, Beaufort Street

  • Aberdeen Street streetscape
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    Aberdeen Street, viewed from Russell Square