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Perth City Link will reconnect Perth’s CBD with Northbridge to create a range of exciting new spaces. Our redevelopment area covers 13.5 hectares of land bounded by Wellington Street, Roe Street, Perth Station and Mitchell Freeway.

Map showing Armadale, Central Perth, Midland, Scarborough and Subiaco redevelopment areas

Perth City Link is a project within our Central Perth Redvelopment Area.

Our Master Plan

Feedback from the people of WA has played a vital role in shaping Perth City Link. After releasing our draft master plan in January 2007, we collated and reviewed community feedback to create our master plan. This was finalised in June 2008.

  • Perth City Link master plan map
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    Perth City Link Master Plan map

  • PCL-project-map-with-precincts-web.jpg
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    Perth City Link project area boundary

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Our lot plan

Perth City Link will feature a dynamic mix of land uses, including housing, commercial, entertainment, retail and transport precincts. The area will enhance what is already on offer in Perth and Northbridge, while bringing exciting new opportunities for growth in the city.

  • Lot plan of the Perth City Link lots including lots for sale, current development and future release
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    Perth City Link lot plan

  • 3 PCL land uses - WEB - MAP.jpg
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    Perth City Link preferred land uses

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New journeys through the city

This project will create five new north-south connections for vehicles and pedestrians, to link Perth with Northbridge. A series of new roads and laneways running from east to west will sit between these connections, creating many new spaces to explore.

  • 4 PCl  vehicle movement - WEB - MAP.jpg
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    New vehicle movement network through Perth City Link

  • Map showing new bicycle infrastructure through Perth City Link
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    New bicycle infrastructure through Perth City Link

  • Map showing the pedestrian connections to be created through Perth City Link
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    New pedestrian connections through Perth City Link

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Find out more

See our project timeline, read our frequently asked questions or learn about investment opportunities within Perth City Link.