Cumulus, Cirrus and Stratocumulus

Visual artist Jon Tarry has brought heaven to earth with his stunning polished steel cloud artworks, Cumulus, Cirrus and Stratocumulus.

    50 life-size bright yellow figures converging along Wellington Street


    Artist April Pine has created 50 life-size, bright yellow figures converging along Wellington Street and within Kings Square, exploring the themes of connection and transit.

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    Wander down Wellington Street in the Perth City Link and the interactive Totem will probably catch your eye.

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    Damien Butler artist impression of parabolic lenses submerged in the pavement at PCL


    Located outside KS2 and created by Sydney-based artist Damien Butler, this artwork consists of five custom produced parabolic lenses submerged into the pavement under a glass panel.

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    Ripplescape landscaping at Perth City Link


    Wellington Gardens has been transformed into a fun and playful landscape, thanks to this landscaping creation by Nicole Voevodin-Cash.

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    Perth Arena

    Perth Arena opened in November 2012, so chances are you might have already visited to watch a concert, show or sporting event.

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    People enjoying an Oh Hey WA walking tour

    Oh Hey WA Tours

    Guided explorations of Perth showcasing our city.

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    Suspended light installation Public Art piece at PCL


    This light installation, designed by Sydney based artist Warren Langley, features a bold continuous form suspended over the main retail laneway inside the Kings Square precinct. 

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    Koorden Aboriginal Public Art


    Whadjuk Ballardong Noongar artist Rod Garlett created this large-scale Aboriginal public artwork for Wellington Gardens in collaboration with artist Richie Kuhaupt and architect Fred Chaney.

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