A dynamic space to explore

The Perth Cultural Centre has been designed to be a fun, safe and interactive space. We've worked closely with the cultural institutions in the precinct to activate the space and invite people to connect with Perth’s cultural heart.

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    The Perth Cultural Centre has already hosted a number of major events including St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, FringeWorld, Perth International Arts Festival and the Artbar outdoor concert series.
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    Pop-up bars, cafes and shops are fun to explore and allow emerging businesses to test a shopfront environment.

Discover the Urban Orchard

This once neglected carpark rooftop is now a vibrant community garden and a model of sustainability. Visit this unique green space for events and activities, or just to enjoy the view among 31 fruit trees and a wide range of vegetables and herbs.

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    Watch how the Urban Orchard took shape in this timelapse video.

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    Josh Byrne shares the inspiration behind the Urban Orchard, and how it was created.

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Relax in the Native Wetland

The Perth CBD was once dotted with freshwater wetlands. This Native Wetland has been developed in the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre to reintroduce an ecosystem which will become home to plant and animal species once common throughout Perth, including native fish, frogs and invertebrates.

We’ve consulted with experts to take a sustainable approach to landscaping and design, including using recycled gravel from other parts of the site and locally-sourced salvaged timber. The existing steps have been repurposed to provide seating for an outdoor classroom for school groups and visitors.

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    This area was once home to a chlorinated water feature.

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    The transformed wetlands offer a place to relax in the middle of the city.

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    Watch this video as Josh Byrne talks about the transformation of the Native Wetland.

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Learn and explore the play space

Visit the James Street Mall in front of the WA Museum to find out why this interactive play space was recognised with a design award by the Landscape Industry Association of WA (LIAWA).

Children can explore the elements in a space that combines climbing, balance, energy, music, texture and educational play. Chimes and beaters, a colourful set of melodic drums and interconnected talking tubes create a fun soundscape, while children can get active with walking stilts, low steppers and climbing rocks.


Creating a space for everyone

In 2010, the first stage of revitalisation introduced the Urban Orchard and Native Wetlands. It provided more seating and shade, new signage, two retail pods and new performance spaces.

In the second stage of revitalisation in 2011, we added a large LED screen, public art, the children's play space, feature lighting and security upgrades.

Two retail pods offer coffee, food and snacks

Lighting upgrades added to the family-friendly appeal

Public art celebrates the area’s creative significance

Security upgrades helped create a safe space

Extra seating and shaded areas

Visitors make the most of free Wifi

Visitors make the most of free Wifi

The revitalised William Street

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    William Street has always played an important role in Perth’s history and development.

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    Some buildings were constructed during the goldrush of the 1890s.

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    In 2012, William Street was awarded an Honorable Mention at the 2012 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

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    The revitalised William Street is fast becoming one of Perth’s most significant streetscapes.

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    Watch as Lisa Montgomery talks about our vision for William Street.

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