A new vision for Scarborough

The Scarborough Master Plan outlines an exciting new vision for Scarborough and includes a range of foreshore improvements to create a contemporary, family-friendly, all-seasons destination, as well as a vision for facilitating private investment and development of key sites across the entire project area.

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Thank you to everyone who had their say on the Draft Scarborough Master Plan, released for public comment in early 2015. We received a large number of public submissions.

A new view

To help us understand the future potential for Scarborough, in 2014 we held workshops with more than 100 local community, business and government groups and undertook an online survey - Scarborough Views - which received almost 3,000 submissions. This helped shape the Scarborough Master Plan.

More places to wine, dine and shop

High quality facilities for visitors and locals

Better management including events and entertainment.

Better management including events and entertainment.

Improved beach access and views

New attractions and family-friendly activities

New attractions and family-friendly activities

Scarborough is fun, progressive and pedestrian-friendly.

Flexible planning & land use approach encourages investment.

A destination with great cafes, bars and retail outlets.

The revitalisation of Scarborough will create an exciting new destination for everyone to enjoy, celebrating its status as Perth's most iconic beach and a hallmark of WA's famous beach culture

The Master Plan

The Master Plan outlines the future vision for Scarborough and will help guide its transformation into an iconic beach destination. 

Scarborough’s revitalisation will build on its unique identity to create a diverse destination that complements the beachfront and, importantly, broadens its appeal to different visitors during the day and at night, and throughout the year. A contemporary beach destination alive with restaurants, cafés, shopping, entertainment and programmed activities will attract new visitors, local residents, workers and the private investment required to see this exciting new vision for Scarborough realised.


The Scarborough Master Plan

Scarborough's place vision and values

Our vision for Scarborough is supported by a series of values which will guide the transformation of the area from planning and design, through to ongoing place management. It guides the kind of experience that people can expect to have at Scarborough in the future. 

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    The Vision

    Enhancing our iconic surf and sand through more diverse activities, accessible connections and compelling investment choices to create a contemporary beach experience
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    Partnerships and policies work hand-in-hand to make things happen, making Scarborough a place that facilitates investment and leverages opportunity. Embraced by families, residents, businesses and visitors, there is a real sense of community ownership
  • Bulcock-Beach-family-walk-912x547.jpg


    Where the sun, sea and surf enrich the body and exciting experiences enrich the soul. Alive with gatherings, events and attractions throughout the year, a myriad of activities create wonderful memories
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    As One

    More than just a beach, it’s a total destination where residential, commercial, entertainment and recreation all come together. Connecting the beachfront, hubs of activity will allow people to move easily around
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    Remarkable and Iconic

    As Perth’s primary beachfront destination, this place is not afraid to make a statement. Building on its existing character, it will remain boldly West Australian and uniquely Scarborough

A place for everyone

The centerpiece of the Master Plan is four new foreshore destinations which will create a contemporary, diverse and family-friendly beach experience. These destinations will be supported by a range of wider foreshore upgrades including new and improved beach and recreational facilities, enhanced streetscapes and connections, and more living and business opportunities.

  • Scarborough-Beach-destinations-map-1200x720.jpg
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    New foreshore destinations

  • Sunset-Hill-before-shot-Scarborough-1200x720.jpg
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    Sunset Hill area before

  • Scarborough-Sunset-Hill-artist-impression-1200x720.jpg
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    Sunset Hill features a multi-generational park with skate facilities and a ‘green hill’ that connects people to the beach

  • Scarborough-Square-before-shot-1200x720.jpg
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    Scarborough Square area before

  • Artist impression of Scarborough Square
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    Scarborough Square will feature new cafes and shops, and space for activities including markets and food vans at all times of the year

  • Clock-Tower-before.jpg
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    Clock Tower area before

  • Scarborough Beach artist impression of the transport hub and Clock Tower
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    The area around the Clock Tower will be transformed into a pedestrian-friendly and welcoming entry to the beachfront, with landscaping, trees and shade structures drawing visitors down to the beach.

  • Beach-Hub-before-shot-Scarborough-1200x720.jpg
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    Beach Hub area before

  • Scarborough-Beach-Hub-artist-impression-1200x720.jpg
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    The centerpiece of this active Beach Hub is a redeveloped surf club facility featuring a flagship restaurant, as well as kiosks, alfresco dining and an all-season play facility.

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A fresh approach to development

The Master Plan also outlines a vision for encouraging private investment to help make Scarborough a fantastic place to live, visit and invest. This will facilitate high quality developments that support and enhance Scarborough's unique coastal character.

Some of the principles behind our approach to planning and development include:

A place-focused approach - To create an iconic destination, developments should recognise Scarborough’s setting, display outstanding architecture that celebrates the ocean, sun and light, and create enjoyable, pedestrian-friendly streetscapes.

A mix of land uses - Scarborough is a place where people live and work, as well as a place which people visit to recreate, shop, eat or stay. Developments need to provide a mix of uses to meet these needs including new residential, office, commercial, hospitality and accommodation.

A more flexible planning system - A more responsive planning system will encourage a mix of uses, increase densities in some areas and support a range of new accommodation options, bringing benefits for tourism and the local economy.

An attractive skyline - Buildings should complement the natural land forms. Taller buildings will be focused around West Coast Highway/Scarborough Beach Road and transition down into the surrounding neighbourhood.

  • Scarb-yields.jpg
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    Development potential on private land, by precinct

  • Scarb-heights-placeholder.jpg
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    Maximum heights will be set, but additional height may be considered where exceptional community benefits can be delivered including short stay accommodation, ground level pedestrian links and sustainability initiatives.

  • Scarborough-Master-Plan-height-diagram-1200x720.jpg
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    The intent is to avoid bulky developments with upper floors close to the boundary (left), and instead encourage taller slender buildings with large setbacks, keeping views and providing better pedestrian amenity (right).

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Get closer to the action

Walks along the beach will be even better with new decked walkways, pedestrian promenades and beach lookouts allowing visitors to enjoy our amazing coastline.

Some areas of car parking will be re-configured and this foreshore land put to better use, improving access to the beach and views to the water.

To provide better access to the beach and foreshore attractions, The Esplanade will be extended and two new entry points from West Coast Highway created. This will disperse traffic between multiple intersections along West Coast Highway and help to create a continuous, pedestrian-friendly foreshore boulevard and more coherent beachfront strip.

  • web-foreshore-improvement placeholder.jpg
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    A range of foreshore improvements will be delivered to provide better access to the beach and attractions

  • Connections-and-beach-access-map-Scarborough-1200x720.jpg
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    The Esplanade north and south extensions and other road improvements will improve beach access and traffic flow

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