Reinventing Scarborough

Scarborough Beach is one of Perth’s most iconic beaches, sitting just 14km from central Perth. Backed by $30million from the State Government and $27.4million from the City of Stirling, the project aims to create one of Australia’s best beachfront destinations.

We plan to restore the area’s former glory, creating a vibrant hub of activity with new restaurants, cafes, shops and entertainment, with a range of events and activities for families and people of all ages.

Our Scarborough Master Plan outlines an exciting new vision for Scarborough and includes a range of foreshore improvements to create a contemporary, family-friendly, all-seasons destination, as well as a vision for facilitating private investment and development of key sites across the entire project area.

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A true WA icon

Scarborough Beach is major tourist attraction and a hallmark of WA’s famous beach culture. Our revitalisation project aims to improve the area’s reputation to create an exciting new destination for everyone to enjoy, day or night at any time of year.

  • Scarborough beach sunset
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    Sunset at Scarborough Beach

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    Sunday Sunset
  • The Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships aerial view
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    The Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships aerial view

  • Scarborough beach
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    Scarborough beach

  • Scarborough beach and amphitheatre
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    Scarborough beach and amphitheatre

  • Looking out to Scarborough beach from the amphitheatre
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    Scarborough beach amphitheatre

  • People walking along The Esplanade cafe strip
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    Cafes and bars along The Esplanande


A place for everybody at any time

The revitalised Scarborough will be a safe and vibrant destination for everyone, with a wide range of activities and events throughout the year. Tourists, families, workers and the rest of Perth can meet to eat, drink, swim and play by the stunning Indian Ocean.

Public art

Picnic and bbq areas, parks and play spaces

Improved amenities and facilities, free WiFi

Concerts and festivals

Concerts and festivals

Better beach access and pedestrian promenades along the beachfront

More cafes, restaurants and bars

Attracting private investors

As part of our planning framework for Scarborough, we are working to bring private investors into the area to create new venues and businesses for everyone to enjoy.

We aim to improve public facilities and beach access at Scarborough, and will also work with private investors and landowners to develop key sites, including sites that are currently unused. This will bring more housing, retail, food and beverage, and hotel options to Scarborough.

Celebrating the past

If you grew up in Perth, you may have enjoyed family picnics on Scarborough Beach or nights out at the Snake Pit. Each stage of the project will build on Scarborough’s vibrant history and unique identity, creating a strong connection with locals, tourists and all Western Australians.

  • Dancing at the Snake Pit

    Dancing at the Snake Pit

  • The Kool Korner Scarborough

    The Kool Korner deli

  • Ben Burke’s spray tan on Scarborough beach

    Ben Burke’s spray tan

Scarborough has always been a popular destination for tourists and beach lovers from all over Perth. It is one of Australia’s iconic beaches, but for many years, and for various reasons, it has become a bit run down. This project will deliver a new-look Scarborough Beach precinct that will be even more people friendly, and boost investment in this area.

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