Our Subi Centro project has been guided by our planning framework including the Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme, development policies and design guidelines.

We work closely with applicants wanting to develop and consult industry experts to ensure the highest quality in design and sustainability and provide certainty for investors in the area.

To date, 86% of the Subiaco redevelopment area is complete and has been returned to the City of Subiaco for ongoing management. We are continuing to work on completing the remaining areas, including the Centro North, Australian Fine China, Hood Street and Carter Lane precincts.

Our development application process

There are a series of steps involved in obtaining planning approval which can take up to 90 days for standard developments and 120 days for major projects.

  1. Design Phase: A concept for the development is considered and the requirement for planning approval is determined by the applicant. 
  2. Pre-Lodgement Meeting: An optional meeting with our Planning Team to discuss the application and/or process. 
  3. Lodgement: The development application is compiled and submitted to our Planning Team along with the required fee. 
  4. Assessment: Our team assesses proposed development in line with the relevant planning framework and refers it to the relevant agencies. It could also be referred to independent consultants, design review panels or advertised for public comment.
  5. Decide and Inform: Notification of the outcome for the development application is given. 

Throughout the process our Planning Team will liaise with you where required. An additional Working Drawings process may be requested if necessary. Only once approval has been given can you apply for a Building License from your Local Government. 

There's some answers to lots of frequently asked questions and a detailed step by step diagram on the development application process page. 

Find out more

Read our planning documents, learn about our development application process or view our planning and approvals page.