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Wungong Urban is located in the suburbs of Hilbert and Haynes, just west of Armadale’s city centre and around 26km from Perth. Once complete, the 1,580 hectares of land will be home to up to 40,000 people surrounded by a stunning landscape of trees, waterways, and parklands.

  • Map showing Armadale, Central Perth, Midland, Scarborough and Subiaco redevelopment areas
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    Wungong Urban sits within the Armadale redevelopment area as part of our portfolio across metropolitan Perth.

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    Wungong Urban is strategically located within the Armadale Redevelopment area.


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Wungong Urban structure plans

Structure plans are the framework we use to coordinate future land use, subdivision and development. Each plan includes details for providing transport networks, public open space, utility and service networks. To date, 5 out of 13 structure plans are complete for our Wungong Urban redevelopment project.


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